Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sweetened Wheat Porridge Dessert (Mak Chuk Tong Shui)

1st time ever in trying to boil this "Sweetened Wheat Porridge Dessert (Mak Chuk Tong Shui)" cos this is his favourite. I'm using my smaller thermal pot for this...

- wheat (gandum) (agak agak used 1 big handful, didn't measure it)
- sugar
- coconut milk
- water (i use approximately 1 litre)
- pandan leaves

- rinse the wheat, better to soak for awhile too
- boil water in inner thermal pot on stove
- add in pandan leaves, soaked wheat and boil for 15 mins
- transfer pot to thermal casing
- leave overnight
- heat up on stove the next day
- add in sugar and coconut milk before serving

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