Saturday, May 26, 2012

Coffee Muffin

erm...what's the different of cupcakes and muffin...i think should be the same la hor..anyway, i've tried premix muffin that requires to add water only..tat's very i challenged myself with scratch..find a recipe i followed.just that i doubled the ingredients cos i wanted to share with my colleagues...

120gm softened butter (mine not soft enough, so have to beat longer)

140gm caster sugar (should have cut down abit)
3 tbsp ground coffee mixed with 1 tbsp hot water (i added more coffee cos i love coffee, i used old town coffee)
2 eggs
300gm self-raising flour
100ml milk

Method :
1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees for 10 minutes
2. Weigh all ingredients and set aside
3. Beat butter and sugar in small bowl light and fluffy (mine wasn't light enough i guess)
4. Add in coffee mixture
5. Add in eggs and beat them until just combined
6. Sieve in flour (do in 3 batches)
7. Add in milk alternate with flour (last should be flour).
8. Pour the mixture to line cups
9. Bake for 20 mins until browned. Use toothpick to test. Make sure it comes out clean
7. Put on wire rack to let it cool before keeping. (i left mine overnight with a cloth covering it)
original recipe adopted from (i doubled it)

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