Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Baking with Rice Cooker - Green's Chocolate Cake

and this cake is for my sis in law and sis to test...hahahaa..
- 1 pack of Green's Chocolate Cake Premix
- 2 eggs
- 250ml milk
- 1.5 tbsp butter/margarine
- a handful of choc chips (optional)
- read the packet instructions (might defer depending on brand)
- mix all ingredients to mixing bowl
- whisk till well blended
- pour the batter to rice cooker pot
- put in rice cooker and choose bake function
- bake for 45 mins (mine was automatically shown as 45 mins, didn't know how to adjust for the 1st time)
- poke the skewer at the center to check if it's done


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