Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Baking with Rice Cooker - Pillsbury's Chocolate Cake

and this is for Mother's day..bee requested me to bake one for his mum..hehhehe..this one is very successful as it is not hand whisked..it's using my new electric beater..

- 1 pack of Pillsbury's Chocolate Cake Premix
- 3 eggs
- 60 ml vege oil
- 260ml milk
- read the packet instructions (might defer depending on brand)
- mix all ingredients to mixing bowl
- whisk till well blended
- pour the batter to rice cooker pot
- put in rice cooker and choose bake function
- bake for 65 mins (i use default 45 mins but after checking, it's not so done, so added another 2 mins as this is a bigger cake)
- poke the skewer at the center to check if it's done


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