Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Butter Cuppies

Thanks Serene Sim darling for the recipe. I gave it a slight tweak. Used only 2 eggs instead of 3. And also i ran out of milk. So i use yoghurt plus water. Hehe. 
Butter  120g
Sugar  90g
Coconut Oil  46g
Eggs  2
Water  20g
Yoghurt  47g
Vanilla essence  1tsp
Plain flour  165g
Baking Powder  1.5tsp
Chia seed  handful

1. Mix plain flour and baking powder then set aside. 
2. Mix water, yoghurt and vanilla essence then set aside. 
3. Beat sugar and butter till creamy. 
4. Add in coconut oil. Beat till even. 
5. Add in eggs one by one. Mix well. 
6. Add in chia seed. 
7. Add in flour alternate by yoghurt mixture. Mix well. 
8. Pour into bakings cups.
9. Bake at 170'C for 25-30mins. 

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