Friday, March 23, 2012

Food Blog shall resume soon food blog shall resume as soon as i move in to new place..thanks to my new kitchen is equipped with the best that we could afford! and now i have 3 pans waiting for me!

my secret darling got me the happy pan which i dreamt of! luv it!

my ah sou got me the tefal frying pan

and my sis will be giving me a wok!

oh gosh! i just can't wait anymore...will try out lots of recipes and share to you guys ya...stay tune!!

and i'm following:

A Smoothie A Day

A smoothie A Day
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Day One Recipe
Beetroot Bonanza
1x stick of some celery which will need to be trimmed
1x 3 large apples which will need to be sliced, peeled, and cored
1x two large carrots which will need peeling and cubing
Add all the above ingredients into a food processor or blender add ice to add a bit of coolness if it’s a hot day to add a bit of chill to it.

Day Two Recipe
Oat Surprise
1x 225ml or 8floz of milk
1x 40 grams of rolled oats
1x banana cut this into chunks or slice it
1x fourteen fresh strawberries or frozen whichever you have
Add all the above ingredient’s into a smoothie maker/blender and serve chilled or whichever you prefer

Day Three Recipe
Strawberry Surprise
1x 11oz or 300g of strawberries
1x some blackberries or cherries
1x cupful of green grapes or black which you prefer
1x 1/2 a pint of plain low fat yogurt or greek which ever you have handy
Put all the ingredient’s in a food processor or blender and blend either serve as is or chill in your fridge for a hour or add ice cubes and serve straight away

Day Four Recipe
Sunny Satsuma Surprise
Hi it’s day four of a smoothie a day and here is todays enjoy
1x 2 small satsumas,
1x apple which is dice and cored and sliced
1x 2 bananas sliced
1x some mixed fruit eg cranberries,strawberries,raspberries,or blackberries
1x small amount of some apple juice
1x tablespoon of honey
Add all the above into a food processor or blender and serve either chilled with ice or serve straightaway

Day Five Recipe
Berry Surprise
1x orange cored and made into segments
1x some mixed berries
1x apple remove the core and cut into pieces
1x some ice cubes 4 of
1x a drop of wine or whichever you have you don’t need a lot
Add all the above into a blender or food processor and serve with strawberries on the side of the glass

Day Six Recipe
Chocolate Feast
1x some dark chocolate
1x 2 spoons full of chocolate ice cream
1x a orange peeled
1x banana peeled and sliced
1x some strawberries
Put all the Ingredient’s in a food processor/blender and serve in glass add ice to chill if needed

Day Seven Recipe
Kiwi Delight
1x kiwi fruit which needs to be the flesh only
1x 4 carrots chopped and peeled
1x green apple cored and chopped
1x some parsley
Combine all the ingredient’s in a food processor/blender add ice to chill or leave to chill in a fridge