Monday, May 10, 2010

Genie Da Cook 2010_05_07

buffalo wings..but then honeybee name it elephant wings..cos we did it on our own!! this was the 2nd approach which we tried to grill the chicken..erm..not so nice compared to fried...and i dun like the powder seasoning...use the sauce one will be sufficient...detailed recipe to be shared time to blog it now..

Garlic Chili Prawn

Mushroom Pork with Kicap Sauce....gravy too thick dee...will try to improve more...

tadaaa...present to you the outcome!!

Genie Da Cook 2010_05_04

3 Dishes for the day
4th May 2010

mushroom sausages with extra mushroomchinese style vege
fried egg with minced pork (honeybee's favourite)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to all Mummy!!

Happy Mother's Day to all Mummy!!

Dinner @ Garden's One Utama

this happen in April also...had dinner @ Garden's One Utama with friends

Lime Juice - OKOK
mushroom soup - yummy!
dunno wat grilled salmon dee...looks weird taste nice
seafood marinara - sucks!!
Orange Mango Sorbet - Yummy!!!!!!!!!

Lunch with Lady Boss @ Nippon Tei

alamak...forgotten to upload this...had lunch @ Nippon Tei, KLCC in mid April with lady boss...muahhaha...FREE lunch...

Outing with Mi, lunch at House of Pancake

An outing with Mi, my @ Pavilion...had a set menu shared among both of us @ House of OK i guess...i like the mini pancake with the butter....the butter was so fluffy...yummy!

Then we went to KLCC...i had juice from Boost!! sedapnye!!