Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tools add on, dun be jealous oh

Scallop Corn Porridge

Fell sick right after Raya holidays. Guess i ate too much and due to the weather change. Made simple lunch with my HCPot. I love the pot so much. Minimal supervision and yet won't burn my porridge.

- frozen sweet corns (soaked and drained)
- dried scallop (soaked and drained)
- rice
- water
- chopped spring onion for garnishing

- Dump all in pot.
- Put over low heat.
- I've set 2 times of 10 minustes timer to stir the porridge
- Add some pepper to taste
- Garnish with spring onion and served.

The porridge is sweet. Yummy.

White Pepper and Herbal Spice Soup

Okay. I must confess that I'm lazy! Dunno how to cook this soup. So i bought the pre pack from store. My boy loves it though i thought he wouldn't. Hahaha. And he requested for 2nd time. 1st using MasFood brand, 2nd time Claypot brand. Both of us preferred the 1st version.

Fried Wantan

my boy requested for this, so i made for him...the very 1st time, they turned out to be dumpling more than wantan...the 2nd time, i did it better..and his daddy likes them too...^^ happy
- chopped spring onions
- minced pork
- salt
- pepper
- wantan skin

- marinate pork with salt and pepper
- mix well with chopped spring onions
- keep in fridge for at least 1 hour
- wrap wantan skin with marinated pork
- deep fry them in pot/wok (i used HCPot)
- drain the excess oil
- serve hot

SPT bread dough

this lady is super good in baking..and my fb group gang is currently following her bread being kiasu..followed too...and i love them...soft soft de even on the 3rd day...i followed the dough recipe...but shaping i followed some from the internet, some from books and some from frens...

dough recipe originate from soh pin tee

  • 340g bread flour
  • 50g sugar
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 200g cold milk
  • 1/2 tbsp yeast
  • 40g butter


  1. i put all ingredients into my bread machine and set as dough
  2. after 1hr 30 mins, i'll remove the dough from bread machine and give it a punch
  3. let it rest for another 5 mins before dividing them into smaller pieces
  4. covered with damp cloth
  5. shape as desired
  6. let the shaped dough rest for 45mins
  7. *brush with egg or milk (i skip this nowadays)
  8. bake them in preheated oven at 185'C for 20 mins

Additional Loots

Loots from SG

wahhaha...special thanks to my "darling in sg"..seriously my lover liao le...and also my little cousin for helping to carry my heavy loots back...i love u gals so so much!

wah seh... i have so many cooking and baking stuff within a short period of 4 months...gosh...bee will kill me!!

Honey Lemon Drink

this should be posted somewhere in early Aug but i was lazy...
there's this craze in both the FB group that I've joined bout this honey lemon drink...apparently it's good for health and helps i followed

very easy to do...

1) wash lemon
2) peel off skin or grate
3) cut the skin and flesh in small bite pieces
4) put them in sterilised glass bottle
5) pour in honey and cover the lemon
6) cover with lid and keep in fridge
7) ready after 3 days

Steamed Egg Cake

Bought this steamed egg cake premix from one of the baking supply shop.
quite nice but a bit sweet for me.
I've made few flavours to test out...and they turned out yummy..
some with pandan paste..some with cappucino emulco..