Thursday, July 19, 2012

Butter Cake

- 250gm self raising flour
- 250gm butter
- 220gm sugar
- 4 eggs
- 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
- 60ml milk

1. Sift flour and set aside in a separate bowl.
2. Beat butter and sugar till pale and creamy with electric beater.
3. Add eggs,one at a time.
4. Pour in milk and vanilla essence.
5. Then, fold in flour in 3 batches,do not over mix.
6. Pour into greased lined cake tin.( i used my silicon mould this time, lightly grease it with butter)
7. Knock the tin/mould a little to even out. 
8. Bake in a preheated oven at 170°C for 50 minutes to 1 hour or till cooked.
9. Leave in tin/mould for 10 minutes before removing to cool on rack.
10. Cut  and serve when it's cooled.

Original recipe from my shifu Cindy:

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