Saturday, April 21, 2012

Italian Herbs Pork

1st attempt trying to cook with happy pan...and i kinda like it..less oil
but one thing is that i cut the pork too thin, that it gets abit overcooked
idea from Little Cookery Book
check the original here

Some of the steps below and pictures...

- pork fillet (better if there's some fat)
- minced
- italian herbs
- salt (i used sea salt too)
- pepper
- olive oil
- lemon (2 teaspoon)

1) add the ingredients in a resealable bag
2) refrigerate for more than 30 mins
3) heat up HCP
4) add in the pork and flip aside after 2-3 mins (depends on the meat size)
5) add in the remaining sauce and you are ready ^^

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