Saturday, January 4, 2014

Pork Floss Steamed Cake

Feel like making a cake but don't feel like using the oven...went to dig my books and found the Magic Steamed Cake recipe book by Alex here we go...original recipe is chicken floss..I used pork floss instead...

Eggs 2
Sugar 83g
Salt pinch

Chicken granules 1/4tbsp
Corn oil 33g
Flour 93g
Double action baking powder 1/2tbsp
Pork floss as desired
1. Whip (A) till double the volume. Add in (B) and mix well.
2. Fold in (C). [*Note to self, don't over mix]
3. Pour into mould. Sprinkle top with (D).
4. Steam for 30mins. [*Can try 25mins]

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