Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Herbs Glossary

this post is mainly for own reference.
been boiling soup for the past 2 weeks...bee doesn't wanna eat rice, so we opt for soup with noodles...and this triggered me to look for more soup recipe with nutrition

Kei chi 枸杞 : natural supplement for improving eyesight, beneficial for the liver
red dates 红枣
Honey dates 蜜枣
Almond 南杏北杏
Huai Shan (淮山) : ability to enhance vigour, promote muscle growth and repair worn-out tissue, and alleviate bodily weakness after a long-term illness. counter diabetes, diarrhoea, kidney defects, coughing and dehydration
Black fungus 黑木耳
Snow fungus 白木耳
Solomon seal (Yuk chuk 玉竹) : nourishes YIN and the lungs

Dried lily bud 金針花 (jin zhen hua)
Chrysanthemum 菊花
Lily Bud (bai he) 百合 : soothes dryness in the lungs and stops cough

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