Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Cake log

my 1st ever cake log, i used the smbc i did for the previous post but wasn't successful, so instead of throwing, i use it here. Thanks Keiko for the advise and recipe.

2  egg yolks
25ml oil
28ml milk + 1/2 tsp vanilla essence
35g cake flour

 2 egg whites
30g sugar

  1. Sift flour.
  2. Whisk the yolks lightly and add in the wet ingredients followed by flour till well mixed.
  3. Beat egg whites till foamy with electric whisk and add in sugar gradually,beat till soft peaks formed.
  4. Fold in 1/3 of egg white mixture into yolk mixture. Then slowly fold in the rest until well mixed,do not deflate the egg white mixture.
  5. Pour into lined tin.
  6. Bake in a preheated oven at 180°C for 25 minutes.
  7. Remove from oven and unmould.
  8. Leave on rack for 10 minutes and tear off the baking paper.
  9. When cake is completely cooled,spread chocolate cream then roll into a swiss roll.
Chocolate swiss meringue buttercream:
135g butter,softened
85g sugar
50g chocolate chips,melted
2 egg whites
  • Put the sugar and egg whites in a heatproof bowl over a pot of simmering water.
  • Whisk constantly until it feels hot to touch,about 3-5 minutes.
  • When the sugar is dissolved (feel with your fingers),remove from heat.
  • Beat the mixture with electric whisk till thick and cool,about 5 minutes.
  • Add flavoring and butter bit by bit,beat till thick and smooth.(Curdling might occur but don’t worry,just continue beating)
Instead of applying smbc and scrap off to have the log look alike, i use piping.
So just fill up the piping bag and pipe accordingly.
put on the christmas deco and dust snow powder for finishing.

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