Thursday, June 7, 2012

Red Dates, Snow Fungus and Mango Dessert

have some spare mangoes in fridge, browsed through the website introduced by colleague and ended up with the following menu...yummy dessert...quick and is that you can choose to serve it HOT or COLD...i chose mine to be HOT anyway, cos i boil it early in the morning and brought it to office

- snow fungus
- red dates
- diced mango
- sugar / rock sugar

(the night before)
- soak snow fungus in water until soft
- cut into small and big pieces, depending on preference
- throw the yellow hard part away
- keep in container and chill

(in the morning itself)
- boil a pot of water
- add in snow fungus and red dates, boil for 8-10 mins
- stir in diced mangoes and sugar (better to use rock sugar, but i was in hurry, so use normal sugar)
- boil for another 5 mins
- transfer to thermal pot (optional, i did that becos i wanna bring to office and keep it warm enough for all to try)

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