Monday, June 11, 2012

Homemade Pandan Essence

Angela is my idol in the homemade pandan essence from her site...but i guess i've added too much water liao ler....diluted my essence

1. Cut pandan leaves into small pieces.
2. Blend them in blender till puree. I've added too much water here, should follow Angela's advise, as little as possible.
3. Sieve and store in container
4. The very next day, you will notice the green part will be at the bottom of the container, that the essence. Shall use it for my pandan chiffon soon. The upper part is the pandan juice.

erm..wonder how long can i keep the essence.
the remaining puree, i boiled them as pandan water..smells fragrant..similar to the one i had in thai restaurant, will add sugar before serving.

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