Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fruit Jelly Pandan Sponge Cake (My self baked birthday cake)

Fruits Jelly
10gm jelly powder ( i used whole pack of swallow globe brand)
500ml water
250ml syrup from canned fruits
50gm sugar
mixed fruits from can

1. Mix jelly powder and sugar
2. Drain fruits from can
3. Pour in water and syrup
4. Bring to boil and mix well
5. Pour in tray (i used my swissroll pan)
6. Leave cool before refrigerating.

Basic Sponge Cake
150g plain flour
150g sugar
4 eggs
1 teaspoon pandan paste
40g butter (melted)

1. Sift the flour and set aside
2. Whisk eggs and sugar till thick and white until it leaves a ribbon trail.
3. Fold in flour gently.
4. Fold in melted butter and pandan paste.
5. Pour into a lined baking tin (i used square tin).
6. Baked in a preheated oven at 170°C for about 25 minutes.
7. Leave in tin for 10 minutes before removing from tin.
8. Leave on wire rack to let cool completely.

250ml topping cream/ non dairy whipping cream

1. Whipped topping cream/ non dairy whipping cream till stiff peak
2. Keep refrigerated if you are not using it after whipping (for my case, i whipped it right before using)

Assembly of cake
1. Divide the cake to 2 portions. Make sure it's completely cool.
2. Trim off excess crumbs.
3. Put the bottom layer on cake board and place the cake board on turn table.
4. Apply a layer of cream, then spread drained fruits.
5. Next, apply another layer of cream then put on the jelly.
6. Put the 2nd layer of cake on top of the jelly.
7. Cover with cream and do proper frosting.
8. Decorate the cake as desired.
9. Keep the cake in fridge before serving. (best served cool)

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