Friday, May 27, 2016

Natural Leavened Chocolate Mantou

Thanks to FC Ng who shared this link to me. Saw the ingredients and it look easy. Therefore, i gave it a try. What i did was prepare the dough at night. Let proof in fridge overnight. Brought to office and steam. Nice and fluffy texture. Love it. Gonna try with other flavours soon.

50g natural starter
50g bread flour
50g plain flour
20g sugar
10g cocoa powder
40g water (i replaced the milk with water)

1. Mix all ingredient till dough form. Knead till shiny. 
2. Let rest 15 mins. Roll flat and roll up like swiss roll. Rest another 15 mins. 
3. Roll flat again and roll up like swiss roll. 
4. I kept the dough in container and put in fridge overnight. 
5. Bring out to room temp. Cut and steam in steamer for 10mins.

*Edited: point to note for own reference; do after step 3. Cut/shape into desired design, put on baking paper then only proof and steam. 

Also tested with green tea, plain with cranberries. 

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