Monday, November 30, 2015

Danish Butter Cookie

Cookie butter revisited.


Unknown said...

hello! I did try out Alan's recipe but i found it very hard to pipe using pastry bag. Although I use all my power :))) I still can hardly form a good shape like you. The batter's too hard to pipe. your cookies are lovely! 1 more thing, mine don't have smooth edge. Neither nor Alan's cookies. can you give me advice?
How about the texture? hard, soft, fluffy?
I think the ratio between flour & butter is rather great, greater than some other recipe/ and it make cookie hard, do u think so??

Genie (honeybee916) said...


sorry for the late reply. Ya piping abit hard. Almost gave up and mine are not even..some are big some are small..Not sure bout the smooth edge though, perhaps my batter melts as it's kinda hot in my kitchen.

Unknown said...
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