Friday, May 22, 2015

Homemade Air Fried Garlic Chips, Granules and Powder

Got the idea from Krystal Wee. 

Adapted from:

For my batch, i peeled 2 bulbs of garlics. Not sure if it's called bulb. Haha. After peeling, I sliced them into thin pieces. Then put them in the air fryer. Mine is Mayer brand from Singapore. I've actually laid the garlic slices below the wire basket as I wanted to minimize them from flying up and get stuck in the fan area. Set at 140-150'C, I've actually air fried them for a total of 35mins. Checking them and shaking them every 10mins. Different air fryer/oven heat varies. So please check frequently ok? Once done, let cool. You can keep them as slices or blend all to powder. For me, i kept some as slice, for hubby to sprinkle on rice. Like those japanese garlic fried rice. The rice I pounded them with pestle and mortar. I sieved them to separate the powder and granules. Granules can be use for stir fry dishes and sprinkles on vege/rice. All up to your imagination. Where the powder can be use as seasoning. Hope this helps. Next I'm gonna try mushroom powder. 

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